Saturday, March 15, 2008

Product Post #1: Don't buy this wisk

Here is a junky-looking wisk I've had for about ten years, possibly more. I was tired of it.

I wanted one like this. I bought it at WalMart about 9 months ago. It's made by Oneida.

A couple of weeks ago, it started doing this -- every time I used it. I can't even stir pancake batter with it now.

Notice how the wisk ends are so short - they barely go into the handle. When it separated this morning, I removed a little dried ring of glue (glue!) that evidently was supposed to hold it all together. Notice the water - that came out of the handle. Hmm. Yummy.

Now,notice the structure of my junky, ten-year-old wisk. The metal ends run the length of the handle, and are bound with a metal ring to the loop out the other end.

Oneida used to make nice products. I wonder if, when they decided to sell their wares on WalMart shelves, they were required to submit only merchandise that is designed to break in the first year?

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