Saturday, March 22, 2008

Product Post #4: 26 years at least

I bought this cast-iron skillet when I was about 18. I was on a day trip with my friend, Cathy Nordlof, to Silver Dollar City (which is now Dollywood), and we stopped at a little junk store. It probably cost me $2. It's perfectly seasoned, and was at the time, I think. Some lady must have had it for 20 years in her kitchen, before the 26 years I've added to its working life. We use it every day. Eggs. Pancakes. Grilled cheese. Stir fry.

The bottom says "Wagner Ware, Sidney" It's about 9 or 10 inches across.

Saturday morning is pancakes all around. Notice the M&Ms.
Everybody should have a selection of cast iron. All the fancy, non-stick modern versions just don't seem to hold up.


  1. i remember that pan!

    mmmm. pancakes. i've been way into pancakes the past couple of weeks.

  2. I remember your mug; you remember my pan! You must be craving starch, J. When I was pregnant with Anna (I think) I craved LOTS of mashed potatoes. Not by the serving, by the bowlful.


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