Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rose Bush Removal

Before the rose bush can go in its new, sunnier location, Adam had to cut WAY back some nandina. Here's Peter, hauling it away.

Here's the rugosa rose bush. They're pretty tough. I hope it doesn't mind the move. It's got little buds coming out. It doesn't look like much (I only bought it in the fall), but I'm hoping it will grow into a fine, large bush. Very thorny.

Here it is in its new location. Notice husband. Notice husband's large hair. Husband likes large hair, because he considers himself to be of the large-hair generation. The beard is for his part in Fiddler on the Roof. The hair...well, the hair really needs to go :)

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  1. Lenore Kirkpatrick once told me a funny story about her friend. She said her friend's husband told her he was going to plant all their plants in the wheelbarrow so when she decided to move the plant it would be alot easier than digging them up. He could just roll them over to the new spot.

    Thought you would enjoy that...



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