Thursday, March 27, 2008


This morning, I offer a culinary salute to my old friend, Lisa Bingham, who gave me this waffle iron years ago. My family still thanks you! They were pretty good. I left 2 large squares on the stove, and they disappeared when Philip emerged from the land of sleep.

Adam the yard-man is once again working on his brick oven, since it's now warm enough to do the brick work. He has discovered that he detests laying brick as much as he does plumbing, which is saying something! He wants to get this done, and hopes to finish the arch on the front, today. I'll keep you posted.

He took a break to dig me a bed. See that bucket of bulbs? They need to go into the bed. I wish I had a fairy wand I could wave, and all the little bulbs would spin through the air, deposit themselves in neat little rows, and burrow into their new homes, tucking their tails behind them. Oh well. So much for magic.

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  1. MK,
    Tell Adam that we would love to eat pizza out of that oven when we come to visit in June. A goal for him to work toward!!



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