Friday, March 21, 2008

Here's what we did...

with our first day of Spring Break.
*Adam weed-eated (ate?) more in the back yard. He's conquering ivy.
*I made breakfast for 2 girls.
*Adam and I went to the local eatery for a hearty breakfast. He dislikes their plastic plates and cutlery, however.
*I cleaned the kitchen, washed the globes in the dining room chandelier, cleared off/dusted the coffee table and washed the big oval fake-pewter tray that sits on it, finally did my mending on some clothing.
*Julia sat for hours at the table, doing schoolwork that she's been negligent in. We had a distraught email from her teacher yesterday. We must crack down.
*I took Anna shopping for flip-flops that will meet the school's dress code. We also stopped by the school, picked up Julia's school work, stopped by the library, got frozen pizza for the children for tonight, and used part of an old gift-card at Starbucks. Also got Julia's spring shoes for church.
*Julia is still working.
*Went with Adam to our local WONDERFUL garden center. Bought 2 gardenia bushes for out front. The rugosa roses I put there last fall were nice . . . until they lost their leaves, of course. Didn't think about that. Gardenias will be better. Also bought an autumn joy sedum.
*Planted sedum and one gardenia.
*Now: Adam and I will go out this evening with the older folks from our church to a Passion Week performance at a church. Adam will drive the van, and we'll go out to eat first. I've always wanted to go with the old people (because I'm convinced that they're having more fun), and now I get to!
*Philip has spent the day with his rocket-team buddies, out in a field somewhere, shooting off rockets.

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