Friday, March 7, 2008

Two days off

Or, two days of sickness, depending which way you look at it. Julia's been home from school with a fever. The flu bugs this year have been quite ferocious. Hopefully this is just a little under-the-weatherness for her. Adam got to stay home from work with her, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He did yard work and cooking, and today cleaned out the carport. He got 3 wheel-barrows of leaves out of the carport! Where were they all? Today, he had to be back at the school at 1:00, so I got to swap with him, and come home early.

Tomorrow will be cold and windy, but I'm hoping we can transplant a rose bush I bought last fall, to a better location.

Oh, and Julia. Well, she started out with a really, really sore neck from sleeping on it in an awkward position. But then she was rather lethargic, and started to run a temperature. The sore neck has slowly improved, but the low-grade fever has remained. I think it's been good for her to get 2 days of rest.


  1. oooh! I'm glad her neck is better. A sore neck would FREAK ME OUT! Since a sore neck and fever could indicate the onset of meningitis.

  2. Yes, I thought about that. If I hadn't seen her sleeping position, and thought, "Ouch!" I would have had it checked out. Plus the fever thing has been going around at school. Still, it is a worry.


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