Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Little Poetry

Two Minds

I stand in the quiet kitchen before my stove,
Hand on hip, skating the butter stick
In elegant figure eights across the black iron.
Tiny bubbles twinkle in curving bands.
The cream twirls against the coal sky.
I smile to see what He saw first.

I clutch my coat closer to my chest,
Blowing its air into the Iowa night.
The line of skinny poplars reach
Their fingers to the sky, and I pull back
My glove and sleeve.
My eye traces the finest, smallest tree
Upon my arm.
There He is again.

It’s dangerous to study the sky
While driving, but that school of birds
Reminds me so of that flock of fish.
Their movements identical, do they know
That they proclaim His mind?
My mind joys to see His beautiful patterns
After Him.

copyright by the author


  1. What a loving and lovely poem...I will forever think of you now, when I skate my own butter across the black iron, and I will remember our Creator.

  2. Thanks, GJ and Hunter :) It was the butter (in the process of making granola) that got me thinking of it.

  3. Ah, Mary should post more poetry.


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