Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Morning Ramblings

As I went out this morning on my usual rounds, I took the camera along so you can see my favorite haunts. I've been going to the local farmers' market for awhile. The rain kept some folks away this morning, but I still enjoyed talking with the growers and seeing their crops.

Every Saturday I go to a couple of resale stores. This one is small, and not fancy at all, but I usually find something useful. I don't often go through the clothing or try things on -- that takes too much time. But the housewares often provide something I can use, or a newer version of something I've worn out. Today? 4 cereal bowls, a beautiful winter coat for Julia for $5, a small plastic tote, and a pair of winter gloves.

The second resale store I frequent is more of a junk store, a large, rambling place with cluttered assortments of all kinds of items. It's for a local ministry. The people are friendly, the stuff is almost a steal, and I enjoy it. I found little today, but sometimes I come away the winner :)
For some people, stores like this are just a pain. But for some of us, fingering through other people's cast-offs is SOOO relaxing. It's quiet, non-stress, and occasionally there's the little thrill of finding something unexpected and serendipitous.

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