Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slogging through another week

I think I'd better post something before the week is over and I've nothing to say! There are no pictures, and not clever thoughts.

Adam and I agree that about 2 days ago, the Grumpy Fairy must have sprinkled some evil dust on the roof of our house. We've all been snapping at each other ever since.

The most difficult part of our day -- for all of us -- is the homeschooling. Done well, it is a TON of work. And we are stubbornly determined to do it well. We want a tutorial program, one in which we actively teach, one on one, our children in their disciplines. Sometimes we will give them material to hash through on their own, but only rarely. We're striving to give them the individualized attention that is one of the largest benefits of homeschooling.

But, frankly, Anna and Peter are at two totally different levels in "Algebra II." And Adam cannot force Anna to do Peter's level of work, and he also refuses to slow Peter down, much as Peter resents being given more challenging work. Anna is allergic to the grinding grit they're using on the telescope mirror now; Adam cleverly decided he'd let her take over the blog and contribute to the project that way. Again, Peter doesn't like it that he is grinding glass, and Anna is "playing" on the computer.


I won't go on, but it's challenging right now. Are they learning a ton and doing well? Yes. Are we struggling with Peter's pig-headedness and Anna's moodiness and Julia's lack of concentration? YES. But we'll continue to plug along.

And I do take comfort in knowing that these qualities exist in my children, because they would exist in them JUST as strongly if they were in a classroom. I know this because I've seen them in the classroom. Peter is disruptive. Anna is grumpy and moody. Julia cannot focus. And it's hard for a teacher to deal with these traits in my kids, if they have MORE disruptive/moody/unfocused kids in the class. It's time for these negative traits to be dealt with, and at home we can use our parental laser beams of discussion, discipline and encouragement, on them.

It's been 5 solid weeks of school. We're ready for a break.


  1. God bless you for doing this work! The ripples will go out and have an effect until the Lord returns.

  2. Well, then, take a break. You can do it, you own the school.

    Our school has a 4 day weekend the second weekend of October. Our headmaster says that that is just about the time that the kids have reached a breaking point and his teachers need a break. So the school takes one and we are all better for it.

    But also take comfort - what your children are and are experiencing, is no different than what my children are and what they are going through right now. You are not alone in your journey.

    Striving with you as we attempt to raise Godly, well rounded, prepared children.



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