Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Week's Miscellany:

The noticeable dearth of blogging this week indicates the busyness of our lives! So I thought an assortment of photos might give you an idea of some of the varied things we've done since last Saturday.
Here's Peter, playing in his first soccer game last week. He's #4. They won, but in their game this morning, they lost rather badly! He's enjoying it.

I apologize that this photo is side-ways. I usually don't turn the camera, but who would want to chop off such beauty? Here are the girls, ready for their first ballet class.

In contrast, here is Anna, ready for astronomy class, to grind away at that telescope mirror.
On Friday, I took all three kids to Old Salem, NC, for their "Homeschool Days." They anticipated 700 homeschool kids there that day. It was a GREAT field trip - we learned a lot about early Moravian life, and it tied in perfectly with our study of American history and literature.
They had lots of hands-on activities for all ages. Peter and the girls enjoyed the "hoop game." Peter was a natural.
Homeschooling is keeping us all very busy, and the kids' extracurricular activities are more extensive than they've ever been before. When Adam and I both worked all day in the classroom, my excuse was, "I'm working all day. I can't be expected to do much else," and the kids had to pick up their outside fun as best they could. So, they're actually more "socially-involved" now than they were before.

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