Friday, September 4, 2009

Our second Friday

I woke this morning and was first out of bed. Last Friday, we all drove across town together to get celebratory donuts, signaling the last day of our first week of school. I determined that I would do donuts again, only this time they would be warming in the oven when Peter finally rolled out of bed at 7:50, as he is wont to do.

7:50. Oh my - we are getting SO much more sleep now than we used to! I used to crash into the world every morning at 6:00 when the alarm intruded into my brain. What a truly miserable way to awaken to a new day! We all used to move around the house in a hurried stumble, trying not to forget anything for school, as all six of us needed to be there at about 7:20. Sigh. I'm SO not a morning person.

Now? School starts for Adam and the teenagers at 8:00. They must be dressed, breakfasted and awake, but if they can do all that in 10 minutes, fine! Julia begins at 8:30, working on her memorization for the week, which she can do alone until recitations on Friday. So, my teaching day doesn't start until I do a little grammar with her at 9:00.

9:00. What bliss! I must say, I shed a few tears and mourned inwardly when I decided to leave teaching last spring. But I have no regrets. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being at home. I hear the birds and cicadas outside. I can take the puppy into the grass for a few minutes. I can make a soothing pot of tea. I can give Julia a brief instruction in the middle of American literature, to keep her going on a project. I can blog at 12:44 today.

And we are covering SO much material. I noticed this on Wednesday when Adam was doing Latin with Julia. One-on-one attention. Direct tutoring. Julia got to do ALL the student reading aloud, not one sentence out of 20, as she might in a classroom. No wonder they are all plowing ahead at a tremendous rate, and doing it well.

We all miss some things from school, but it has been a joy to realize that homeschooling isn't all about sacrificing; it has its own rewards and pleasures, and I think perhaps they are pleasures that this mom particularly likes.


  1. You very aptly describe the wonderful aspects of homeschooling that I have loved. Thank you. It makes me so happy to read about! Glory to God.

  2. Sounds wonderful MK.
    Do you also get together with other local homeschoolers? Jenny's children (once a week) meet with other local homeschoolers for group classes of certain subjects. I know with you and Adam being teachers probably don't need the 'extra' teaching but for the social aspect of it? Just wondering - I love the idea of homeschooling.


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