Saturday, September 5, 2009


"The appearance of harmony and peace and all-around happiness portrayed on this blog should not be confused with what actually takes place in our house."

I stole that lovely quote from my brother's blog, and I think it applies well here also.
Just because I post about perfect peanut butter cookies,
Don't think I didn't burn a pan.
Just because I post about my darling girls writing and sewing,
Don't think I didn't have to take my son's laptop away from him DURING math class.
And I never, ever write about:
the vacuuming I've neglected to do,
the dust so thick you could almost pick it up between your fingers,
the nights when grilled cheese will have to do,
and the times I say, "(fill in the blank with child's name), will you please go do (fill in chore),"
because I'm just too tired to drag myself off the couch.

But this is a public forum, and I'm a Southern lady, and we keep our dirty laundry politely hidden.
Thank you very much.

Tra la! I'm off to cook some mediocre pizza, in a dirty kitchen, before I spend the evening watching a TV show and thinking of all the useful things I should do!

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