Wednesday, September 30, 2009

An Unexpected Event

I've been having some tooth pain (tooth #14, I came to discover) for, oh, about 6 months. Very light discomfort. I realized months ago that a large space between 2 molars could contain a small meal (dessert anyone?) after eating. I started to floss often, then regularly, then ALL THE TIME, to keep the food out. Gradually, it gave me more trouble. Yesterday, it was so cold sensitive that it hurt when I touched it with my finger.

I called and got a dental appointment for 9:45. Thank you, whoever canceled!

The dentist told me: "You need a root canal." Never had one of those before, but I'm good in the old dentist chair, not scared at all. I view it as rather like being at the spa: close my eyes and let someone tend to me. Do NOT, under any circumstances, look at the needle.

So, I got a quick appointment (12:30!) for a root canal.

Evidently, root canals have come a long way: they gave me a movie to watch, complete with these fancy goggle/glasses that show the movie to your little, distracted eyes. Little earbuds pour the sound into your ears, so you can't hear the grinding machines quite so much. They had quite a movie selection. I opted for Drew Barrimore.

They had a back massager in the chair too, just to let you know.

However, the actual work of the root canal hasn't changed a bit. It took about 1 1/2 hours (thus, the full-length movie instead of just a TV episode!). And it is quite an involved procedure. And, did I mention EXPENSIVE? Yup - $892 smackers. Ouch. Time to raid the savings account.

But I lived through it, and drove home slowly. I felt nauseated and exhausted. Am I too old for dental work? I reached the house, was in my PJs by 5:00, and in bed.

My family tended to me. Anna made dinner. Adam helped, and he brought me all that I asked for. And guess what Julia did -- she made me this:

Now, even in my soporific state, I gazed at that card and was amazed. My little 10 year old, all on her own, made this creative thing? Look at the cool 3-D effect on the trees, clouds and bird:

And I don't know, but there's just something about the shape of the sun and its rays that I find fierce and aggressive, for a card. I love it. I think the girl has a very creative future, and I just wanted you to see how she cheered me up. (She also made me a blue yard doll, to take a nap with!)

An elderly lady in our church is going through the painful process of losing her spouse. Julia wanted to make her a card also. Here it is so far. The pieces are still loose and in process.
These pies have no connection to the rest of this post :) They're just here to make you hungry. The pumpkin is all gone; the apple is a close second.

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  1. Oh, poor dear. It really is the thought that counts if it is accompanied by such marvelous artwork as this. And Anna made dinner! That is precious. It does come back to you!


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