Tuesday, January 19, 2010

$59 for THAT???

Adam went shopping (which is in itself a miracle).
He found that lovely double oven. (Do we NEED a double oven? NO. But we've got one now!)
Here is the old (non-working) microwave, which was on the top.
Here is the old stove. Oh my word. All we know is that it's probably original to the house, about 1947. THAT, folks, is what I've been baking in.
Opening the hole in the wall to accommodate the unit.
There she blows! Already cooking chicken and rice (arroz con pollo) for supper tonight. Recipe coming right up!
And yes, he really did pay only $59 for it. He bought it at a Habitat ReStore. The unit had not been tested yet to see if it worked, so they sold it to him cheaper (but would have allowed him to return it, if it didn't work). What a deal. He is thrilled, and so am I. Now, if we can just find a new stovetop, which is ALSO circa 1947.


  1. Oh, M.K.! My husband and I were just out looking at appliances today. The stove I want is over $2K, and it just has one oven. So happy for you! I hate to spend on the kitchen because, hey, I've been cooking just fine in there--as you have.

  2. Thanks, GJ -- we are VERY thankful for this blessing! Last night we went to Lowe's, just to look at their prices and make ourselves feel even better :)

  3. Oooh, I have double-oven envy. I have gotten all my appliances on Craigslist. (and my jogging stroller) Always get great deals that way.

  4. OH MY WORD!!! Seriously?! I about died at your ancient old appliances.

    Doing a happy dance for you.

    And also? Some of the houses my parents have lived in over the years had double (or triple! once) ovens and they are FABULOUS for parties and Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just sayin'.

  5. Oh Moriah -- I should honestly have posted close-up pictures of that old oven. When Adam took it out, he said he found loose wires, lying around on the ASBESTOS padding. We could have burnt the house down! (It's a good thing the new one works fine, b/c he could NOT have put the old one back in there.)


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