Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Thank You, Mr. Brown.

A few personal thoughts on the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown:

1. This was NOT a vote for the Republican Party.
2. This was an ideological vote. The public are following what's happening in Washington, and they're understanding its implications for their lives.
3. This is a vote AGAINST Obama.
4. Ditching Obamacare might help House & Senate Democrats, but the only thing that will really improve the national political attitude is a change in employment.
5. Obama has given no ideas of how to improve employment, except "green jobs," which doesn't fool anyone. Maybe that's part of his problem with Americans now -- the old "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me." Americans think Obama is trying to get one over on them AGAIN.
6. Will House & Senate Democrats throw Obama and his healthcare under the bus? Maybe -- iff they love him more than their jobs, they'll continue to embrace his agenda. Do politicians have loving hearts like that? I think not.
7. The wave of political unrest and vigor sweeping the nation has a distinctly independent, non-party flavor.
8. Independent voters used to favor the Democratic Party and oppose the Republicans; Reps. have had a strong, unique, edgy party agenda & Democrats have generally had a broad, insipid agenda. (Even on abortion, a loaded issue, Democrats will say senseless, watery things like, "I'm personally opposed to it, you know, and don't like it, but I believe in a woman's right to choose it.") Obama has changed the Democratic party platform and given it teeth. Almost immediately, independent voters are rejecting him.

Should Democrats watch out? Yes. But so should Republicans. These voters out there are angry, and they're watching what Washington does. They want a government that responds to their desires, and they WILL have it. Washington had better deliver.

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  1. You are so absolutely right on!!!



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