Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Cooking Day

I finally went to the grocery yesterday; the larder was very bare. And this morning, as I lay in bed, I realized I still had no granola and no bread in the house. So it was a cooking day.

Granola first, bread second. And yes, it was lovely to be able to cook granola at 350 in the top oven, and have my bread rise in a slightly warmed lower oven. I questioned the necessity of 2 ovens at first. Necessary? No. Helpful? Yes.

After lunch and finishing school for the day, I remembered I'd promised to fix another apple pandowdy, which I did. And we ate about half of it right away.

So, it's a good thing that we had a light supper:
I never could fix my mind on anything for supper. Do you have days like that? Anna had mentioned the idea of salad, and I had a lovely head of lettuce. I thought I had sweet potatoes too, but when I reached for them, I found ONE sweet potato, and my thumb pressed into a mushy, rotted spot. Nix the sweet potatoes.

Meat? I began to thaw out some ground beef for some variety of Salisbury steak. I even passed the idea of a quiche by my husband, who quoted Normal Mailer as perhaps the author of the famous line, "Real men don't eat quiche."

Nix the quiche.

But then Adam recommend just a large chef's salad. [Aside: Real men don't eat quiche but they DO eat salad for supper? Must ruminate on this conundrum.] It's amazing how many yummy additions one has for salad, when one begins digging in the vegetable drawer.

And we'll undoubtedly finish off the pandowdy this evening.


  1. I LOVE quiche. We had it on Christmas. AND my Dad eats it. = )

  2. I often find that the days I am doing a lot of larder-stocking cooking, it is really hard to accomplish dinner. That's the day it's nice to have some leftover soup or something....but I forget: the larder, and the fridge, were bare!


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