Thursday, January 7, 2010

Six Lovely Ladies!


I love rosemary. I love to grasp its branches gently with my fingers, slide my hand off, and inhale the scent. I have 2 large rosemary bushes, and one little baby, on the edge of my patio. But I want more. I want a rosemary hedge.

So I heard from a friend that Lowe's had their Christmas rosemary bushes 1/2 off, and I dashed on over. Oh my! They were 75% off! And these dear little plants have been SO humiliated -- trimmed to Christmas tree proportions, had a wooden dowel stuck (unnecessarily) in their middles, and wrapped in Christmas red paper.

Someone forgot these are Mediterranean plants.

All cleaned up:
I'll wait for a warmer day, and put them in the ground. Since we anticipate snow tomorrow, and the ground is frozen, I'll put it off a few weeks.
Six! Six mature rosemary bushes! Can you tell I'm excited? And did I mention they were only $2.75 each? The only thing sweeter than buying something you love, is buying it at a steal-of-a-deal!

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