Thursday, January 14, 2010

Using a Food Sling

Here's an easy tip for you. This comes, again, from the America's Test Kitchen DVDs that I've been watching. I made this "sling" with parchment paper:
The bread snuggles nicely in the sling, and rises well.
And look at how clean the pan is, where the sling was. If I was really fancy-shmancy, I'd put another sling long-ways. Oh well :) This makes for a clean pan, and less waste on your bread loaf.
The ATK folks also used a sling when they made delicate cakes in 8x8 pans. And you don't have to use parchment paper; they also used aluminum foil. However, I strongly recommend having parchment paper in your kitchen; it's an indispensable tool and keeps all kinds of pans tidy and easier to clean.


  1. Did you grease the pan or the parchment paper as well? I've read recipes that did with or without grease, when using parchment paper. I now always use parchment for meat loaves, because they *always* used to stick to the pan otherwise.

  2. GJ - I did spray the loaf pan a little, and spread much of it on the ends. Don't know if its necessary, but the girl on ATK (as I recall) sprayed and floured pans BEFORE using paper, which I thought was overkill. However, she is the professional - haha! I hadn't thought about meatloaf; that's a really good idea.


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