Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicken Alfredo

This dish did NOT turn out as I wanted, but since I'd already taken all the pictures, I figured I might as well share the failure with you :)

Begin with chicken breasts. I used 3 because that's now many were in the package. How dumb is that? Trim off the fat and undesirables.
Doesn't that look better?
I like to cut them into strips before I brown them. They cook faster and more evenly, and have more browning on the outside.
Brown them in olive oil (3 T maybe?), with some rosemary and garlic cloves. Remove the chicken to a plate, remove rosemary and garlic, and strain the olive oil through a sieve, into a small bowl.
Next, you make a nice white sauce. My white sauce this evening REFUSED to behave. I whipped it with a whisk as punishment (*sigh*). It just did NOT thicken as I wanted -- it thickened some, but not to a consistency that would sit nicely atop pasta. Oh well. I should have added a tad of corn starch, but I was bummed out and distracted, and had already started my roux over once. Well, you get the picture.

[White sauce: 3 T melted butter with 3 T flour added; bubble over med. high heat, then 3-4 cups warm milk, stir till thickened, and finally add about 3/4 cup of grated parmesan. You might want to practice your white sauce technique a few times on smaller proportions, if you've never done it before. It's a very useful skill.]

Anyway, put the chicken pieces into the alfredo when it is fully thickened and very hot. Never allow a white sauce to boil, as the milk will separate and it will be ruined.
Here are some fun garnishes to use on this dish. They really add depth of yumminess to the final flavor: the strained olive oil, more grated parmesan, & green onions.
Voila! See that white runny sauce? Ideally, more of it should be sitting on the pasta. Still, the taste of this dish is excellent; my daughter requested it again, and asked me tonight if I would make twice as much so she could have lots for leftovers.


  1. We had chicken curry tonight, Prue's old Cono recipe. It was a hit with everyone, though our little separatist put the condiments in neat little piles on her plate rather than on the curry in her bowl.

  2. I LOVE alfredo. I'm making some tomorrow for my birthday because it is my very favorite food.

  3. Okay, so maybe it didn't turn out thick but it looks AMAZINGLY tasty. And clearly it was tasty, if she was asking for it again!

  4. C - I LOVE Prue's curry. Haven't had it in years. And which girl is your "separatist"? That's too cute! I'm guessing it's Tessa :)
    B- I'll be awaiting a blog report on the B'day happenings.


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