Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crawling Back

Hi all. Last Thursday my dear husband gave me a present. He gave he his cold. Well, "cold" could be a modest term. All that to say, I've been under the weather, behind the gun, in a bind ... any more prepositional phrases out there? I'm just barely keeping ahead of the absolute essentials. In other words, laundry, schooling, sleep, cooking-- all these things are getting accomplished only in the most marginal sense.

And today Anna got sick.

So, forgive me for not posting much. We did successfully do church on Sunday, and have Bible study here at the house last night.

But I'm so ready for a break. Our spring break comes in a couple of weeks, and not a moment too soon, I'm sure! As a friend said today, I just want to check myself in somewhere, my "happy place," and stay there until life gets back to normal. February is the hardest month. A general malaise casts itself over life. Christmas is long gone. Spring is definitely not here yet. School seems to last forever. And, we all want to nothing but sleep.

Be back later.

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  1. I often remember Edith Schaeffer writing, in What is a Family? about how the family is a shelter in a time of storm, and sickness is a storm through which we can help one another. We just have to get through it! It makes me glad that I don't have the kind of sickness that is long-term.

    Rest as much as you can so you can get well sooner rather than later!


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