Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Love My Valentine

Adam and I decided to celebrate Valentine's Day early (to avoid weekend restaurant crowds) and to eat out (no silly gifts, cards or stuffed animals this year) to save on money. The photos are not posted because they're beautiful, but because I wanted to document the evening.
Anna took a bunch of pictures when we got home, and Adam's expression is identical in all of them. This is his "I hate smiling for a camera" expression. Sigh. She's not much of a photographer either, and this is the least-fuzzy pic:
We went to our favorite Italian place. It's recently revamped its menu and under new management. The food is greatly improved, the prices slightly higher, but the atmosphere is what we like: leisurely, romantic, quiet, happy, conversational. Often you see people there you know.

Here's the bruscetta we had for an appetizer.
We had bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar with our meal.
I changed my mind and ordered Chicken a Campagna, a dish the waitress said is very popular. It had too much spinach for me, and was a step down from the Canneloni I had there last time, which was superb. I should have ordered that, but 1) I wanted a salad, 2) I wanted steamed veggies, 3) I didn't want pasta. Should have gotten the Canneloni anyway!
But we had a lovely, long time talking, laughing, flirting and eating. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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