Monday, February 8, 2010

I Love ...

... Old Family Photographs. I've been playing around with lots of them lately on facebook. Here are some of my favorites -- my parents.

I don't know the occasion for this photo -- my dad will have to fill me in when he sees this post. Were they married yet? Was he in college in Ohio? Was this a fraternity event? Or perhaps they were back in West Virginia and attending a function there. They are a very handsome couple.
My mother's high school graduation picture. She said they didn't do the whole "cap and gown" thing back then. She had seen a dress just like this one on a great film star of the day, Elizabeth Taylor. She said to my grandmother, "Can you make me a dress like that one?" Sure enough, her mom whipped up the dress (without a pattern, of course). I love the little flowers on the bodice.
Here is my daddy, I believe in high school. He was a very handsome man (still is!!) -- what a fine jaw line! My brothers resemble him quite a bit. Don't you like the hair style?
My mother in her wedding dress. Again, her mother made this dress, and I will NOT tell the story of the dress's tragic end. Sniff. Suffice it to say, it was not around for me to wear, years later. But isn't she lovely? When one friend saw this photo, she said this was the dress she was looking for when she married, but couldn't find it. So much of culture back then was truly beautiful and elegant. I think we've lost quite a bit of that.
Love you, Mother and Daddy!!


  1. All of those dresses are beautiful.

  2. those photos are simply Devine! Thanks for sharing...


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