Saturday, February 13, 2010


... God provides.

Remember a few weeks ago when we got a new double oven for $59? Adam was ecstatic, through the roof with happiness. Frankly, he felt that perhaps God was giving him a kindness at long last. I know that sounds jaded, and it's not that we don't have LOTS to be thankful for, but life has been a bit tough over the years, and even lately, employment-wise. Adam was rather down about that.

So, the circa 1947 oven with its exposed, loose wiring and asbestos liner and melted timer was GONE. However, we still had the circa 1947 4-burner stovetop, of which only 2 burners worked, and one of those was loose and slid all over the place like an escaping fish. I guess you could say it was better than cooking over an open fire, marginally.

Until today! I returned to the junk store where we found the oven, and found a NEW General Electric stovetop insert -- a perfect fit! For $75!!

Here's the old model:
And here is the new:
I'm absolutely thrilled. It is rather surprising that the very two items we needed most would be in this store in a matter of weeks. But not at all surprising that God can and did provide them for us.

I'll be honest with you. We stepped out on a limb and took a risk by staying where we are. Adam is working part-time, but he is PASTORING. He's doing the work in God's kingdom that he's always longed to do, and he had to go through some real soul-searching, trying to figure out if God really wanted him to do this. We almost pitched this situation and moved to South Dakota. It would have been easier in many ways -- more secure. But Adam felt strongly that God wanted him not to go. Now, he is getting more interim pastoral work locally, and the work at our church is going well. God is blessing. And it is wonderful, absolutely wonderful, to be part of that blessing in the church. A new oven and stovetop are great, they really are. But better yet is the feeling that God is smiling on what you're doing, and the choices you've made.

Thank you, Lord!

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  1. We are such terrestrial creatures. We struggle to believe the goodness of God when we experience what we consider hard things . . . but let us have something (we consider) good and faith springs up. My current "good thing" is a little cream colored pony (Paloma) who is a joy to my soul. My children marvel at how much I laugh when we ride. I rejoice with you in God's goodness.


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