Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When the hubby goes shopping...

...he comes home with the most surprising things!
Adam stopped in at the grocery recently and brought home a leg of lamb. On Monday he deboned it, rolled it up with rosemary, garlic, onion, and coarse sea salt, and bound it with twine.
After browning in a skillet, he cooked it in a 235 oven, until the meat was 160 degrees inside.
We enjoyed it with slightly mashed red potatoes with green onions & sour cream mixed in, and corn. He also made pitas. We had company and it was a fine time.


  1. (I wonder why I didn't check out my hubby's cooking abilities before I married him???!!! It wouldn't have changed my mind anyway.) That looks WONDERFUL--and I think I can smell it too!!!


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