Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latin, Ice & Honey

Some random shots from lately:
Julia has made flashcards for all the Latin words she's learned so far -- all 142. Latin is her favorite subject, and she's doing very well.
Adam saw a bag of key limes at the grocery and decided he needed to make Key Lime Granita -- an Italian ice. He's been babying it all day long, visiting the freezer and fluffing it repeatedly. This is an early shot. By this evening, it filled the bowl.
And it is BURSTING with flavor -- oh, so good!
I'm sick with a head cold, so Adam cooked this evening (dear thing that he is!) and made a Honey Puff Pancake. We acquired this recipe from the Hancock House, a B&B where we stayed many years ago in Iowa. Isn't it yummy?


  1. oh YUMMY! that reminds me of a pop over pancake my Mom used to make when I was younger...I'd love your recipe if you are willing to part with it! We love a great breakfast for dinner! :)

  2. That ice looks amazing. Is it better than a Sonic lemon slush? ; )


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