Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Love ...

... Saturdays!
Oh yes I do, and I thought today I'd give you a little photo tour of what I did today, on a rather typical Saturday.
First, I slept in a bit late, and then I read "The Mottled Lizard" in bed, and did my Scripture reading for today. But Julia was waiting for her Saturday pancakes, so I had to get into the kitchen.
After I got dressed and popped a hat on my dirty hair, Anna and I drove to my usual Saturday morning haunt at a nearby junk store. On the way, we passed these "row houses" -- they were originally housing for local mill workers. Of course, the mills closed long ago, and the houses are in disrepair.
The sky was overcast. We were supposed to be deluged with snow and ice, but thankfully we only received a lot of slush.
This snow was left over from the last big snow we had. We still have quite a bit on the ground from then.
At last! The junk store. I shouldn't call it that -- it's a Christian ministry that accepts donations and helps many people. They recently remodeled the store and today was my first visit there after all the sprucing up. There were many boxes of books and wares that needed to be shelved, and My Organizational Self longed to start putting things in their places. I had to leave before the urge overcame me to volunteer for the day.
I did find several items there, and at another resale store. Here are today's treasures: 2 "Saveur" magazines, some of Adam's favorite cooking mags; a nice cooling rack (I've been needing one of those); a pair of unused candles with the joining cord still attached; and a really cool little metal form for cooking perfectly round pancakes, I suppose :) And what we all love about junk stores? I got all of that for only $1.78.
On the drive back home we passed more houses recently condemned or otherwise closed. I'm assuming the whole corner will be leveled for some other use. The buildings look lonesome. I can't help but think of the families who lived there for many years.
Here's an odd little building in the mill district that I always notice. I can't imagine what that ugly monstrosity on the top is for. It even has a window!
Here is the most dilapidated mill house. Someone lately has begun fixing it up, I think. It looks rather hopeless to me, but one never knows.
A local church. What unusual architecture!
I couldn't resist a picture of this yard; I pass it often. This fellow has 6 (SIX!!) of these miniature buildings in his yard. That is, in addition to his nice home. Why anyone would want six of them, I haven't a clue! What does he keep in them? You see he's gone to the trouble to put up faux stone walls around the border of his property. Soon he will have no lawn left.
Home at last! This afternoon, I cooked another apple pandowdy. This is my 3rd, and is now established as a family favorite. It's already GONE. The crust is delectable. I've discovered that if I brush an entire egg white on it, it is so crunchy and crispy.
My serving:
And supper, right on the pandowdy's heels -- homemade pizza, as usual.
Now I sit here (after Peter did the dishes and tidied the kitchen :) on my comfy couch, in front of a roaring fire Adam made for me, with Sandy draped over my feet while Julia teases her. It's been a fine Saturday. I hope yours was nice too!


  1. All of your yummy food images are making my tummy growl and it's 11 in the evening, yikes! :)

    I love all the photos, especially the houses, they'd make for a wonderful "made up story" for English class.

    I'd like to say the one with the peaked roof thing is where they locked all the BAD children, hehe...

    and the guy who's collecting tiny little buildings, well, either he's starting a bit of a bed and breakfast in his own backyard or perhaps he's using them to house each and every one of his children separately, so they can have their very own rooms! :)

  2. Dawn -- I'm hoping he is doing nice things with all those buildings, not locking up poor little animals or anything! He hardly has grass left. Y'know, I do find the run-down houses more interesting to look at and photograph for some reason. They seem to have personality.

  3. Do you know the family with all the little buildings? They've had it a bit rough over the years and they are quite interesting, peculiar I guess you could say. Daniel told me once that he has a hot tub in one of the buildings. He seems to just build an extra little house so that he can have another room rather than adding on to his main house. A bit odd, and it's been interesting to watch over the years!


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