Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Month for Love

In honor of February, and with much thanks to my friend Diber and her blog post today, I thought I'd post today about something I love. In fact, I may try to do this for February -- post about things I love, and in NO particular order. In other words, if I post about chocolate before I post about my husband, do not therefore assume that I prefer the chocolate to him. Haha!

So, what brings me joy right now? My evening reading. Sometime in the late autumn I began reading this book:
I read a bit each evening, in bed, before going to sleep. Sometimes it was 2 pages; sometimes it was 10. It became my private journey to Africa, each day. Elspeth's voice, her humor and practicality, her observations about her parents and the Africans, became dear friends. And allowing myself to indulge in just a taste of it each day, extended the pleasure. I read this book for months.

For Christmas I bought her next book. "Thika" is about her early childhood in Africa before WWI; "Mottled Lizard" is set immediately after the war. And I haven't tired of her account of their bizarre, unpredictable life. My troubles are minimized and my chaos stilled by reading her story. I'm somewhere in the middle of this book now.

What next? I've read that "Red Strangers" is her best, after these two above. We'll see!

What do you love right now?

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