Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adam, in "Plaza Suite"

Adam is a thespian! Today was the third and final performance of Plaza Suite at Oriental's Old Theater.
It was a lovely afternoon to spend in the village.
Adam had only a handful of lines, which was nice.
Here's the set. The acts take place in suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. This lady on the phone is Mrs. Hubley. Her daughter Mimsey, who's supposed to be getting married, has locked herself in the bathroom.
Here, Mimsey's dad checks through the keyhole to make sure she's really in there.
Adam, who played the groom's father, chats regularly on the phone with Mimsey's mom, wondering if his future daughter-in-law is ever coming to the wedding!
The cast came out to take their bows. Adam stands next to our good friend, Russ. He played the bellhop.
The cast party was a great meal, Mexican, of course, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.  This lovely lady is Bama, who runs Oriental's Village Emporium, one of our yummiest restaurants. She turned out a lovely spread for the cast and crew!
Look at that pile of melty nachos!
I don't know what these little meat-filled packets are, but they were good.

Dessert included brownies and two kinds of margarita cake.
The volunteers (well, that's everybody) each got a plaque like this. I'm assuming that's a photo of the real Plaza Hotel in NYC. Hey! We've got culture down here in li'l ole Oriental too!


  1. That's cool that Adam is a thespian! How fun!

  2. I bet Adam had a LOT of fun and met a lot of interesting people.


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