Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have a mixed assortment of photos to share with you. First, a little "Cooking with Adam." He read about oven-baking a whole chicken in between two heavy pieces of cast iron. He cut the chicken in half, as you see, and placed it in a blazing hot iron pan. The chicken had been seasoned with various Italian-type herbs and some butter. Then he placed another heavy, hot cast iron on top and baked it in a 350ยบ oven.
Finished plate: I had a thigh, with almond green beans and half-mashed red potatoes.
A man in our neighborhood has been working like a slave in his yard. His roses are such a treat!
I thought you'd enjoy seeing this unique porch decor! It's a sideways picture frame, hanging with chains, with an oval wire basket beneath planted in assorted grasses and annuals. I think she's been changing out the plants as they bloom and fade.
Philip has started working at the Provision Company again. He enjoys it a lot. He's working on designing their new t-shirt logo.
On Neuse Drive, the flood waters from Hurricane Irene in 2011 were severe, and several houses were badly damaged, especially ones that were at ground-level. A nice house stood here, for sale. But finally it was razed completely. They're building a new house, and I heard it will be raised up high. In the photo, they've just begun the retaining wall on the left edge of the dirt, next to the left clump of trees. I'm eager to watch the construction this summer.
One of Julia's last watercolors from her art class this semester. She didn't like it, but I did.
Do you know about the international marine signal flag system? Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a separate box with its own design. The eight flags below spell out the word "Oriental." But at sea, each flag also has its own meaning, a message for other ships. The "o" flag means a man is overboard. The "l" flag means that ship is under quarantine.
You learn something new every day! I hope you enjoyed these "leftovers."


  1. That is one yummy looking dinner! Makes me hungry just looking at it and I just ate lunch. Beautiful flowers, too! Love the color.

  2. Tell Julie that she's a good watercolorist! I like this painting.

  3. Thanks, WW!! It was yummy :)
    Debbie, I'll be sure to tell her - thanks!!!


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