Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Afternoon ~

Well, we did this:
The temperatures have been cool. We waited for a reasonably sunny day with not too much wind.
Philip needed to go sailing, now that he's home. He starts work soon and won't have much extra time.
Julia enjoys lounging at the front, gazing into the river. Those are her toesies.
Sandy came along. She's a nervy pup at home, but on the boat she becomes relaxed, limp, snugly.
Thankfully there was enough breeze to keep her cool in the sun. We brought water for her too.
Julia's been dying to go swimming in the Neuse, off the sailboat. The water was still cool, but she jumped in today! We made her hold onto a rope, just in case. Probably not necessary.
We'd taken the sails down too, so we wouldn't leave her behind! It was really a lovely day on the river, with all those white puffy clouds.
Adam does all the hard work. I mostly get nervous about going too fast and heeling over.
Philip says this was a lot better sailing than when he and Adam brought the boat over from Little Washington in December. Back then he was cold and sleep-deprived. I'm hoping we'll make a sailor of him yet!


  1. The first photo alone is a prize winner!

  2. Thanks, Jeannette! She asked to wear her brother's glasses - the sun was bright. I told her she looked pretty cool :)


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