Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yarn and Paint, Paint and Yarn

Adam has the car all day today (yes, we're down to one car at this time), so I'm staying home and trying to be productive. I finished another chicken -- remember this pattern of Debbie's, over at "No Spring Chicken"? This hen's name is Henrietta :) She needs eyeballs.
I've also been making crocheted market bags. They hold a lot -- this one has a dozen eggs, a roll of paper towels, a box of tea, a quart container, and room to spare. It has a sturdy handle.
I've made four now, and I'm improving my pattern.
It starts with a reinforced bottom.
But this morning, inspired by Pom Pom (go see her doodles, which I adore) and Lisa (who is a true artist, unlike this occasional dabbler), I decided to paint. First, I made a new sign for my market table.
Now, go look over at Lisa's mini-watercolors. She did a seashell that I fell in love with.  I said, "I have to try that!" So I did. My colors are not as good, but it's a decent attempt, for me.
Since the paints were already out, I wanted another shell. I retrieved one of my large conch shells.
And I came up with this. Not awful.
Remember the seagull from our beach day?
Here's my version of him.
I'm not much of a painter. I'm satisfied with a semi-likeness, and I always have to copy. I don't practice painting, and I've never taken lessons to learn the first thing about what needs to be done.
But the operative word is satisfied. I find painting very satisfying, not because of the result (although sometimes it does pleasantly surprise me), but in the activity of painting itself. It's like a foot-massage for the brain. I'm distracted from things worrying me, and the break from worry is pleasant. Painting things I love (like seashells and seagulls!) adds to the joy.


  1. I love your paintings! I enjoy making things for many of the same reasons. I don't really understand people who can only enjoy doing or making things if they are "the best" or "perfect." Then the choice, as Edith Schaeffer says, is to do nothing.

  2. Love the chicken! Of course I am in complete envy over the watercolors and every time you post one I am going to tell you so!! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. A foot massage for the brain- oh I like that. What could I do as a foot massage for the brain...

  4. Yay! Well done! I love the seagull especially! Red Robin Soaps. I like it. You could draw a robin.

  5. Very nice watercolors! So summery, too. I like your market bag a lot!


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