Friday, May 3, 2013

Finishing Things Up

Yep, that's us. Gettin' things done!
Philip's bedroom is ready to go for the summer. You'd never know it's a garage, would you?
Until you turn around that is. Adam finished hooking up the A/C unit. Interesting, eh? And yes, we must remember to keep the garage door closed this summer. Most of the time.
Adam's working steadily on Julia's boat. The outside paint is done, so now they proceed to the inside. He finished getting the seats cut, installed, fiberglassed, and epoxied.
And he installed this hole. I don't know what it's called, but knowing sailors, it must have a nifty name. Her mast will go in here and be wedged in with several shims.
Here's the mast. He'll attach a boom to it that can be raised and lowered after she's on the water. And now we know where the phrase "lowering the boom" came from!
And last but not least, Adam is finishing up a personal goal this weekend; he's in a play! The local theater group is presenting Neil Simon's The Plaza Suite at the Oriental Old Theatre. He has a small part, but I've this to say for him:  he knows those lines cold!! They performed it last night for a bunch of elderly folks. Tonight is the first real performance. Break a leg, Adam! But please -- don't wear make-up after this weekend!
Adam, after the make-up artists had a go at him ...

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  1. Holy moly, that's a great garage do-over; are you available for hire?
    Yeah, Adam...nix on the cosmetics; you're too handsome to wear war paint.


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