Friday, May 17, 2013

Home for the Summer!

Adam and I met Anna when she arrived by train on Thursday morning. Although I worry a little when she travels like this, I'm also excited she gets the adventure of going by train!
She gave her Daddy a BIG HUG.
She is such a daddy's girl. My word, was she happy to be HOME!
It was lunch time, so we went to celebrate her return together at a Mexican restaurant. One of their specialties was fresh guacamole, made right at your table. I had to order it!
It was very, very good. I ordered the smallest lunch I could, so I would have room for the guacamole. I have a deep longing for guacamole. I simply want to eat it all, and put a little fence around the bowl so other diners don't get any. It's shameful.
So Anna is home at last and she gets a nice long rest before she starts her summer job at a local YMCA camp. More on that later. For now, she's sleeping late, going on bike rides, and lounging by the river.


  1. Yay! Another birdie back in the nest. Avocado = GOOD! Eat lots!

  2. I love guacamole, too! Glad you've got your girl back!

  3. Welcome home to your girly. Oh...does that guac look delicious! Yum. I could live on Tex Mex all the time. Seriously.


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