Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adam's Bread Recipe

Hi, all.
Dogs love a car trip, no matter how short.
Have I shared the easiest bread in the world's recipe? This is a crusty white loaf.
3 cups of bread flour
1.5 cups of water
1 tsp. yeast
1 tsp. salt
Mix in a large bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Allow to rise on the counter for 12-14 hours.
Transfer into a large, blistering-hot cast-iron pot with a lid, and bake in a 450ยบ oven, covered, for 45 minutes. Remove lid and bake an additional 12 minutes.
Excellent buttered in the morning.
Our local marine store, a haven for boaters and locals, always has a funny sign. Pat, the manager, is an all-around good guy.

That fellow back there is Larry. He lives on his boat. I first met him about two years ago, right here on this dock. Below, you see his lovely dog, Tiani. She walks with him all over town. She does great tricks for bites of hot dog. First, Larry asked her to talk, and she barked. Then he asked her to use her "inside voice," and she let out a soft "woof." I couldn't stop giggling.
I'll end with a few water photos for you.

I could take pictures of the Neuse or Smith Creek like these every day, but I'm afraid they might get old for you. Or maybe not -- I never tire of the beauty.


  1. I wish I could smell and feel the air on your waterways - then I surely would want more and more!

  2. That dog is cute. The bread looks delicious and that last shot is so pretty. I love the shimmer on the water.


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