Saturday, September 20, 2014

Just More Boats

I can't resist taking photos of boat names when we're walking the docks. Must be an inner weirdness of mine.
What's a Winedog? Is that a take-off on "wine-dark sea," from the Old English poems? I'll tell you this -- boaters are more fond of their beverages than the average population.
This boat's cockpit is particularly beautiful. I love the shape, and all the old wood.
The first word is obscured by the motor, but you can guess what it says. We know the fellow who owns this cute Cape Dory.

Here's a photo of "Three Sheets to the Wind" from the front end:
And here's a little crabbing boat that lives at the nice marina in town. You see how open they are. These guys stand up as their ride and steer -- incredible sense of balance.
The wooden rack here is to prevent all the crab pot ropes/lines from getting tangled in the motor, I think. It's a big motor for a very little boat because these guys really clip along in the creeks, putting out their crab pots and gathering them up again.
This contraption on the side of the boat is for winding the lines in and out (I think). I've never been crabbing myself.

At the nearby Wildlife Ramp/public access area, the state put in this big cement slab. We wondered what it was for. A pavilion perhaps? Picnic tables? (We wished.) No! It's a handicap-access boat trailer parking space!
I couldn't resist a photo of this classic sailor's figurehead. But ... ahem ... I had to blur out certain parts that were a bit shocking. Still, she's impressive.
As you know, a few independent-minded boaters (esp. sailors) "live aboard." They live full-time on their boats and don't have houses. In this small marina, about eight boats are live-aboard. (Some marinas don't allow live-aboards.) But here, they have a pool, a covered deck/eating area with tables, a grill, rocking chairs, an information board. They also have laundry facilities. It's really a sailor's paradise. It costs to have a slip here, but you can be sure it's cheaper than a mortgage, or even rent!
And the neighborhood is peaceful, private, lovely.


  1. I always enjoy the boat tours. I think the live-aboards would be very fun. When it gets cold somewhere, sail to a warm dock. Is that how it goes?

  2. I liked the name 'Seas the Day'. That's what I wish to do.


  3. Wow! Those features are lovely for the live aboards. I think I could do that for a while. Oh, I've never driven a boat though. I can row.

  4. I love the boat shots. Probably since my dad used to take us sailing when I was young.
    I went to a regatta briefly last week which was nice to see the marine vessels at!x

  5. Well, you have given me a new retirement on a boat! I don't know though...the thought of too much water kind of freaks me out, but I could do it if land is close. I think I might like napping on board.

  6. I bet that would be fun to shoot the different boat names. People get quite creative with them don't they.


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