Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Teacup Rescue

I love our local hospice store, a small, homespun thrift store that supports our county's hospice system with its earnings. Lovely things are donated there. The store is cozy, friendly. The ladies who work there don't like to mess about with change and pennies, so they don't charge tax. (Of course, it is tax-free, being a non-profit). They're adorable.
Anywho, months ago I noticed these cups and saucers there. But I'd just bought my very favorite set of four Syracuse diner cups/saucers, and loved them, and didn't need another set. So ... I resisted temptation.
And the yellow cups and saucers sat, and sat there. I noticed them week after week. The stack diminished a little. And then -- tragedy! Adam dropped and broke one of my favorite Syracuse cups! (Bwaahhhhhhhh! Why does that break my heart? Don't know.) I glued it back together, and set it on my dresser with its saucer to hold jewelry. (Sniff.)

I'm ashamed to admit it. But yes, I was hesitant to trust my husband with yet another of my Syracuse diner cups. I was left with only three cups and saucers, not a good set. I needed something else for him to drink his morning coffee in. And then I remembered those yellow cups ....

I stopped at the hospice store and was surprised to find that there was only ONE saucer remaining, but a stack of SEVEN cups. Hmm. Again, trying to resist temptation, I bought the saucer and only two cups.

And they're pretty! Adam was pleased with the size and shape.
But those remaining five, lonely, saucerless cups worried me. They seemed sad, abandoned. Who would buy them in that state? What use were they?
Then I found myself using the yellow cups. For coffee. For a scoop of ice cream. For a little soup. A cup alone is actually a very useful thing. It's the size of a large ramekin and good for plopping an egg in for whisking, or a little bit of leftover-something as you're cooking.
I told Adam he could call me crazy, but I was going to the hospice store, buying any unwanted yellow cups they still had, and bringing them home!
Of course, my big problem, in a little house, is Where To Put Anything New. I have zero kitchen space available. I even emptied a bookshelf (horrors!) of its books, and am using it to store casseroles and dishes. So I came up with this windowsill idea.
The five cups look pretty there, happy in the bright sunshine. They fit well. Julia says they look precarious, and she's right. She broke one in the first couple weeks, sadly. We will be careful as we draw the curtains. No saucers. Just cups. But I'm glad I bought them. If we break them, I won't cry. If we use them, I'll be glad. If I donate them again in a few years, I've lost 50¢, total. (No tax!) I do love the hospice store. I think that perhaps whoever bought the five saucers got the worse end of the arrangement.


  1. I like them, too! They ARE sunny and buttery!
    I have bowls stored in the dollhouse that my friend didn't want any more. My kitchen cupboard space is VERY limited.

  2. What pretty little cups! My weakness is glassware. I rummage in the local op shops and buy the loners or the twosies. I love the etched glasses that were popular when my parents were young. They are never more than $1 and I use them every day. If I drop one, I don't mind. They are not my heirlooms (which are treasured and treated more reverently) and they are pretty. My last purchase a week or so ago from Vinnies was 5 little ballooned glasses with gold rims. They are very fine & my dearly beloved is terrified of using them "in case they break".

  3. I don't know. I think the saucers are sitting in the sunlight in another cosy home, enjoying all sorts of creative uses. In a Toon Tellegen tale they would send letters to each other via the wind, and would scoop their comrades out of harm's way when the elephant came to dance...

  4. You were smart to buy those cups. Much cuter than a ramekin, as you say, and such a nice size for various things. I have quite a collection of little bowls that probably hold as much - they are just very handy.

  5. I like those cheery cups and the window sill is perfect.

  6. Oh, they're so pretty! They kept calling you, and you answered! Hooray!

  7. What cheery cups they are. So happy you rescued them all. I know how hard it is when something gets broken like that. Once my hubby dropped one of my prized Christmas ornaments. It was one of my dad's favorites and it broke into a million pieces. Which I carefully boxed up and sealed them away because I couldn't bear to throw them out.


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