Saturday, September 13, 2014

Photos for My Mother (and Daddy)

My mother asked me to post these pictures here that my brother Mark took. They were all celebrating my daddy's 86th birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy!!
Here's my daddy surrounded by children from Mark's and Marshall's families.
I love this photo of my daddy with my brothers: Mark, Max, and Marshall. Aren't they a handsome bunch? They all four live in West Virginia. Random strangers will occasionally approach one of my brothers and recognize him as a Robinson. It's fun to be part of a close family. We love each other very much. My brothers are precious to me.
Mother made TWO birthday cakes to feed that crowd! Both were "Mrs. Alberta Cakes" -- a rich chocolate cake (from scratch, of course) with seafoam icing and bitter chocolate drizzle on top, named for a friend we knew many years ago in Mississippi.
Mark took this picture of the moon that night (I think). It's lovely.
There you are, Mother!


  1. Your daddy looks like a very young 86 year old! Lovely. Now your mom can tell her friends to take a look at your website! Very cool.

  2. You do have a handsome family! The cake sounds luscious! Mark obviously has a better camera than I do. Love that moon! :)

  3. What beautiful happy people! I'm glad Mom got what she wanted.

  4. I wish I came from a big happy family. You are a good lookin' bunch and I see you in your mother, too. I want some chocolate cake now. :)


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