Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sharing Some Joy

This post doesn't tell a story. It's just a gift of pretty things. We all need more pretty in life, don't we?
Anna brought me back a silk scarf/shawl from China. I love it! I wore it on Sunday. So sheer, so light, it's delightful.
Roses waiting in the grocery store to be bought and loved.

PomPom, these bright ones are for YOU!
Anna picked up some cute things in China. She enjoyed the bartering, and prices were low. This backpack:
This hairbow. It's actually cloth sewn on a bendable wire, wrapped around the head, and then the two ends are twisted once to form the bow. Kind of a hair version of a twistie-tie.
Knock-off Toms, also from China:
We still have Knock-out roses.
We've noticed the pecan trees are hanging very low this year. They're loaded with nuts, big ones, and lots of them.
For those blog readers elsewhere unfamiliar with pecans, here's a cluster on the tree, each with its hull on.
The green hull dries and falls off (usually), and here's the pecan nut itself. The shell must be cracked off, and the nut meat is soft, sweet, delicious. The correct Southern pronunciation of this nut is  like this: "p'kahn," with the emphasis on the second syllable.
Ferns thrive in the moist, cool area near Toccoa Falls.

We stopped by two Whole Food Stores while on our trip because we don't have one anywhere near our home. I noticed their raw soap display -- very pretty!
These soaps were topped with all manner of dried flowers and seeds. Pretty to look at, but I wouldn't want all that floatie stuff in my bath. What do you think? Should I put some on top of my bars?

I was hoping to find some good tea at Whole Foods. I did find a lemon zinger box. Adam has been wanting lemon tea.
Isn't this an interesting tree? It's here in Oriental.
Should I end with a picture of the sunset sky last night?
It's like clotted cream.
Or ... perhaps ... a little puppy, tired from travel, snuggling with daddy.
Next I'll take you on the Great Tea Hunt, which began at Whole Foods and continued across the Southeast! (kind of)


  1. Thank you for the flowers! ❤️

  2. I enjoyed this post so much. So many things to see and wonder about. I've always said "p 'kahn' too, but I've heard some say "pee can" and I don't like that pronunciation very much.

    About the soap....maybe some sprinkles on top of the soap, but I don't like stuff IN my soap.

    What is that plant with the cute, red, rubber balls growing on it? Very cool!

  3. Such a fun post, and yep, p'kahn. There's a tea I want to mention, but have to remember the name. Sweet and Spicy, but it has a second name too. Will get back to you on it.

  4. Re the soap. I never buy any of that pretty kind. I am super sensitive to all scented cosmetics etc & get dermatitis & allergies so I don't use chemicals on my skin. For the nether regions I have a sorbolene bar. Apart from the scents and chemicals those soaps would end up being grainy and scratchy. So that's my tuppence worth.

  5. Oh, and don't put floating things in our pretty soaps. Beau is such a cutie! I love the pink China scarf!


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