Friday, September 19, 2014


The cataract pours its life over the rocks
into dark space
pounding to the bottom as I sleep.
Through the night watches
an unceasing deluge fills the valley
with its rumbling hum.
From this opposite hill my weary heart
is comforted.
The water never slumbers,
It never sleeps.
Some years it dwindles
to a trickle;
The valley thirsts and waits.
One night it crashed upon us,
a murderous flood,
washed us away.
Water is like that.
The glory of its spray,
its mere feet on stone,
forces you crawling back,
Its depths consume you.
But to its trickle
you will put your lips,
and kiss.
poem copyrighted by the author


  1. Beautiful, MK! I'm glad you are enjoying the hum of the vacation life. Any break from routine is a vacation and I'm glad you whisked Adam away for refreshment.

  2. Beautiful and brings back so many memories of my 10th grade school year spent there, and the short visit my husband and I made there in 2006.

    What a haunting poem, especially the part about the flooding, knowing lives were lost and part of the old dorms/ housing and the old house that I had lived in was washed away.

    Even though the area went through that flood, it is a beautiful and peaceful place. I just went back into my photo folders for 2006 and found the pics I took.

    Love and hugs to you and how neat it is that Toccoa is another link in our friendship.


  3. A beautiful poem! I've not seen Toccoa Falls yet but may have to put it on our itinerary when we go back to Brevard for Thanksgiving! A poem should inspire some kind of afterthought; yours has done that for me.

  4. Ooops. I wrongly assumed this was in Transylvania County, NC. I guess it's okay if my inspiration substitutes Looking Glass or one of the other waterfalls...

    Sending blessings!

  5. Beautiful poem. See I'm not that great at wiritng prose but I like this very much and the waterfall is lovely too.


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