Friday, September 5, 2014

Photo Dump!

That's not a very pretty term, is it? Photo Drop? Photo Storm? Ah well ...
Adam bought me a pot of mums. They're now in the ground.

Seashells on the stairs of a powerboat
Crinkly water
 One patch of gold grasses, one patch of silver ~

 Great t-shirt humor at the farmer's market!
 Last tea roses of the season

 This big powerboat at Whittaker has seen better days. Some of its windows are even boarded up.
But ... see that air conditioner in the window? It's plugged in and runs All The Time. So somebody is willing to pay to keep the interior dry.

 We're seeing more of this on the ground every day.
Adam bought some concrete ...
 And some of this ...
 And picked a few large leaves ...
 And made a concrete leaf. His mother has been making gorgeous concrete leaves for years, and selling them. Adam hopes to perfect the art and sell his at the market. The photo below is of an unfinished leaf, of course.
In other updates, I have finished the back panel of Adam's sweater vest (yay!!!). Sadly, the elven thyme plant I bought nearly died, and I think still it will expire soon. And my healthy lemon thyme plant, after I moved it, suffered from an attack of some worms (ugh) that ate its leaves off, poor thing. I finally realized the problem and picked off the nasty creatures, but the thyme is leafless and pitiful. I've been active this week -- made a batch of soap (scents: tea tree oatmeal, sweet pea oatmeal, vanilla, eucalyptus oatmeal, sandalwood), a large batch of insect-repellent lotion bars, and a big batch of bee balm in tins. That should keep my market customers satisfied for a while.


  1. Hello dearest! I hope the market is prosperous tomorrow morning! Yay about Adam's vest and cheers for his leaves. Cool!
    I like your photo dump!
    (BIG HUG!)

  2. Beautiful photography. Love them all, but the crinkly water is fabulous.
    Have you ever thought of making photo cards for your stall? I should think they would sell well, as you do a good job on the photography. Several above would tempt me.

  3. Poor thyme!!!!
    I love these photos, so nice to see such sights! X

  4. Great photos and you and Adam are being quite creative and productive.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady


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