Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fiona, Beautified

Adam has been working hard on redoing Fiona's dashboard. I know this probably looks nice and ordinary to you, but you must realize that he pulled ALL of this out:  the black padded dash top, the front woodwork, the dials, the glove box, the AC vents -- all of it. It was a mass of wires, hanging down.  It looked like brain surgery, if the doctor removed the whole skull to expose the brains. Seriously, I couldn't look at it, because that kind of dismemberment in a car scares me. But Adam knew what he was doing.
All that woodwork was so damaged, and now it's clean, smooth, shiny, lovely. He also replaced bulbs and worked on electrical connections while he was in there.  Now all the dials on the dash have glowing green lights in them :)
He removed this console too. It had a wood veneer, but it was too damaged to repair, so Adam removed it down to the metal, and painted it with a black lacquer.  I think I like it better now, because the "leaper" Jaguar stands out better.
One of the most challenging things is getting all the panels back in so they fit tightly. He did a good job of that too.

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