Friday, August 20, 2010

Rose Hip Preparation

Remember the rose hips? I've dried them. Here are a few. They look hard and very dry, but actually the skins are still moist.
Julia and I split them open with a knife and removed the seeds.
And we scraped out the insides until they were clean.
The seeds really pack the inside. Isn't it amazing and exciting that ONE rugosa rose bush will have 25 rose hips, and each hip will be chock full of seeds? God designs his creation for LIFE, doesn't he?
Julia said, "That looks fun!" So she helped.
Here are our finished rose hip skins. They look like miniature orange peelings. These will dry fully, and then I'll steep them in water to make Rose Hip Tea. Here's a website with recipes.
Julia took the seeds and planted some of them in pots outside. I wonder if they'll come up?

I'm linking this post to Moriah's "Fun Mom Friday" theme. Go on over and check out the fun things she and other moms are doing this week with their kids.


  1. That is really cool! Life, indeed!

    I'm really not sure about the commenting. Are you in firefox? Have you tried going immediately from your blog (i.e. you're completely signed in under your blogger profile) to theirs and tried the google profile selection on the comment box? It should work! "Should" - I know!!

  2. What a lovely blog! As an avid tea drinker, I am intrigued by making your own tea. What a wonderful project for you and your daughter. Thanks for sharing!


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