Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I would be happy to post a nice photo or two for you, but then I'd have to get up off the couch. ha. I've had a cold for the past 3 days, and I just feel blah. No, perhaps worse than blah -- I think this might be "bluh." But it's not the flu, so that's something to be thankful for. Still, I've gone to work both days, and that does not allow for much recovery time.

I never vacuumed over the weekend.

The kitchen is a minor wreck.

The ants are invading the bathroom.

Did I mention the dirty floors?

This is the time during the school year when we teachers just put our heads down, refuse to look at which day of the week it is, much less which day of the month, and PLOW FORWARD TO THE END. That's my survival strategy.

And, hey, I signed my contract for next year, so I have another whole year of employment and paychecks! Yay!

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