Thursday, May 15, 2008

I would post a photo, but,

I don't think you need even ONE MORE picture of a flower from my yard. Seriously. Don't you feel as if you know every inch of my yard by now? Besides, as usual, I'd have to get up off the couch to take a picture.

Survival mode. That's where we two teachers are now. Nothing matters now except making it through the next 2 weeks. I was about to type "week and a half," but then my brain reminded itself that that was only wishful thinking.

So, it's not really that bad. I have to grade: 14 papers, & the essay portions of 39 tests. Very manageable. I think I need to portion it out, and give myself a daily quota. Let's see, 2 papers each day. I'll be done with them in a week. How many of the tests each day, do you think? 4? I'd get them done in 10 days. But I don't want to do weekends. Hm. Have to work faster than that. Sounds bad after all.

And then there's the final exams, but they WILL be 100% multiple choice, and I can grade one in about 4 minutes. That way, I'm done grading the little suckers before the students can get out the door.

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