Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our college-bound son

Well, not quite yet! He has one year left to go -- but he took the SAT and made a 1990, which isn't too bad for a first try! Tonight while Adam and I were out, he got a call from Belhaven, offering him $9000 scholarship each year, just for the SAT score. He was pretty enthused about that. Not that he wants to go to Belhaven; he wants to go to Covenant (of course) - who could resist Covenant, once he has seen that view from the overlook at sunset? Now, we have to wait and see how much money Covenant will offer him. I don't think I'm quite ready for all the drama of the senior year - there's so much hoopla involved, and at our school, it's quite a celebration.

Tomorrow: last exam given, and I have to finish up my teaching year. In the afternoon I plan to go strawberry picking. In the evening, we attend graduation at the school, and I have to give a little speech and a little award. On Saturday I hope to make some strawberry jam, and have a nice visit with my Aunt Ann, Uncle Bob and Aunt Lois, who will be traveling through town. On Sunday I have a little solo to sing at church. Monday I visit the doctor, and Julia goes to the orthodontist.... wasn't summer (and relaxation) supposed to start in there, somewhere?

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