Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tribute to Mother

Here are a few shots of one of the world's most wonderful women. Because she's traveling and I can't even CALL her today (sigh), hopefully she'll enjoy this photographic acclaim upon her return. Above, she is giving Julia a hug. I'm often told I strongly resemble my mother, and Julia, so perhaps they resemble each other too!
I like this pic - this is one of the many things my mother does well, effortlessly, joyfully, and with great pleasure. She loves flowers and has an eye for a graceful arrangement.
Ah, Tasha, my mother's devoted dog. Or perhaps I should say Mother is a devoted owner. Tasha's favorite spot is at my mother's feet.
I enjoy time with my parents. My mother is very young-at-heart, and getting younger by the day! She has amazing stamina for her age (which is NOT elderly yet, thank you!), and sometimes we family members forget, and dump more on her than we should.
And here she is with her #1 man - isn't this a lovely shot?
Happy Mother's Day, dearest. We all love you very much.

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  1. Your Mom and Dad were here yesterday....They were sharing a cane, I gave them one of John's so now they both have one.

    They have a cell phone with them...they were almost out of minutes when they got here but Garrett was and figured out how to put more minutes on it.

    We had a very nice visit. gloria


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