Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family Fun

Okay, so this is a tradition in our family that we've been observing, off and on, for about 7 years. It all started back in Alabama, where we finally lived close enough to a Blockbuster Movie rental store to partake in the cultural fun...

We decided to all go to the movie store together. This was well before Netflix arrived on the scene. We rented something fun for everybody -- probably a Herbie movie, or maybe "What's Up, Doc?" Then, we all traipsed to Wally-World, and we allowed each child to pick out a bag of candy. That's it! Then we added a few bags of popcorn, pillows, blankets and pajamas, and VOILA! Family Fun Night was born.

Even as teenagers, our kids still ask for this. Peter was the pleader this time. We had a new Netflix coming in the mail - a Nero Wolf, the series pilot, as a matter of fact. Adam and I had already bought the candy. So, we all sat last night downstairs in the den, enjoying a movie (of sorts) together, getting gradually sick on candy. A lovely family scene. No, seriously, how many families with 3 teenagers do YOU know who still sit around the TV together for an evening - without fighting?? Well, alright, so it's rare for them not to fight; but still, it was a fight-free night. They all LOVE Nero Wolf.

I know, in a few years when the older 3 are all gone, I'll really miss these times.

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