Monday, May 26, 2008

Busy kids

Philip and Anna have had a busy weekend. On Friday, Philip went with friends to see a production of "The Sound of Music" in Mooresville. A girl in their group of friends played the Mother Abbess, and did a great job. Then he went to a friend's house to spend the night, and on Saturday they went to a movie. We're happy he has finally found a good group of friends to hang with. Sometimes I think we barely see him, but I'm glad he's got a social life.

Anna spent the night with a friend on Friday night also, for the friend's birthday, and they did fun things all day Saturday too. Then on Sunday afternoon, the youth group at church spent the afternoon at a church member's lake house for their outing, so Philip and Anna went to that. This year they did NOT succeed in throwing Philip into the lake. He dislikes water.

Today Peter is gone all day. He and some of his friends organized a grand trip to Carowinds for the day. I'm sure the park will be packed, but they'll have a great time. 2 other sets of parents are chaperoning, so we got off the hook.

And this afternoon Julia will go to her best friend's birthday party. The friend is a twin, so it's a double party, and lots of little girls.

Adam was planning to cook steaks, but we haven't had everybody here for a meal! Maybe tomorrow!

It's a beautiful day, and we've already been tackling the yard work. Adam is trying to get rid of some stumps, moving mulch, and digging a new perennial bed. I trimmed a row of azaleas, will go to Salvation Army, shop with Julia for birthday gifts, and hopefully grade some papers.

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