Saturday, May 10, 2008


What a long, hot, exhausting day! Notice I did not say BAD. We got up on the early side, for a Saturday, and Adam got into the yard and started prepping the spot for the pool. This involved much shoveling, raking, leveling, reraking, releveling ... of sand. Then we had to dash to church for a put-in-the-church's-first-annual-community-garden party, complete with hot dog lunch and fun live music. We really had a crowd. We all got dirty, and some of the younger ones got wet, but we had fun. Add small doses of sun burn. Then we came back home, Adam hit the pool project again, but Anna and I headed to the mall for our annual bathing suit hunt. Well, for her it's a hunt. For me its a depressing, onerous proof of how fat I really am, as if I needed the whole fashion industry to design 27 bathing suits each year just to SHOW me this fact. Well, anyway, I did find one. It's not really cute, or flashy, or elegant. And it doesn't make me look thin. They don't make bathing suits with magical powers. But it fits, kind of, which is better than ALL the other ones I tried on.

The pool is filling with its 4000 gallons. My husband informed me that he's too tired to cook tonight, plus it's Mother's Day tomorrow. That means the kids will have hamburgers (it's handy to have a 17 year old who also is capable of burning a few patties), and Adam and I will go back to the yummy, cheap Chinese place. BTW, why do Chinese restaurants love to invert their nouns and adjectives? It sounds almost Spanish. We used to go to "Fortune Lucky" restaurant in Alabama. Now we go to "Dragon Golden." Strange. It's almost like they're advertising, "See? We're authentically Chinese! We have terrible grammar!"

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