Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday, at last

This weekend, Adam will put up the pool - yippee!! Of course, it'll be too cold to swim in it for a couple of weeks, I'm sure. Anyway, he and Peter are shoveling another load of sand onto the pool spot, so he can easily make it level. You don't want one of those easy-set pools to be even a LITTLE out of level. It quickly becomes an "easy-empty pool."

Here's a 'before' shot of my little ferns I transplanted a few weeks ago.
Look how much they've grown! They are happy in their new location.

Well, one week survived, 3 to go. This end-of-the-school-year business is grueling work, let me tell you. We've all been battling some odd assortment of colds/flu/allergies this week. We're doing our part to make Kleenex a thriving company.

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